We met Daniel 11 years ago when we were selling our first home. We never expected that initial business relationship to blossom into the special friendship we have today! Daniel has helped us sell two homes, purchase two, remodel one, and talked us out of buying countless houses.

We first met when I was about 8 months pregnant with my second child.  He had just decided to represent us in selling our first home and was helping us look for a new home. We were eager to find the new home and was willing to put in an offer on another Carmel Valley home. I will never forget Daniel meeting us at the house we were certain we loved.  After walking around the house, he sat with us outside and said, "Don't buy this one. You don't need the stress of double mortgage right now. I will sell your house and find you the perfect next home.  If you like this one, I will find you one just like it. Trust me." He did, and that was not the last time he talked us out of making the wrong decision.

Given our experience, we recommend Daniel to all who are looking to sell or buy a home.  Daniel helped one such family sell their home in Kensington (yes, Daniel does work outside Carmel Valley and RSF).  They thought they wanted to move to La Jolla but, with Daniel's help, found a wonderful place in Del Mar.  They had overlooked this particular house during their previous search with another realtor, but Daniel showed them the potential of the property and negotiated an amazing deal for them.  And it turned out to the perfect house for their family in every way and if given the opportunity, they would tell you how different their life would have been if they had not listened to Daniel...but, luckily, we all do!

What is truly special about Daniel - beyond his encyclopedic knowledge of the market, negotiation skills, and the amazing vision for a property's possibilities, is his ability to understand what makes you happy. He does not portray a rosy picture to make the sale and will always tell you the unbiased truth. He is interested in building a long term relationship, not a single sale, and has consistently put our interest ahead of his financial gain. In doing so, he has earned our respect and trust. Daniel Greer is like no other, and we are thrilled to call him one of our dearest friends today.

Jee and Ted Ebel

Having bought and sold 7 primary residences in less than 10 years, I have had a lot of experience with Real Estate agents. In the past, I had typically used a friend that I knew to assist me with the transaction, since there were no shortage of agents that I knew on a personal level. As the price of my primary residence grew with my lifestyle and the market, it became apparent to me that a friend would not be enough to sell my high priced home back in 2011. I set out to interview the top agents of my area and emailed several of the ones that I saw constantly in the publications around town. This is where I met Daniel Greer. Daniel came to my home well prepared, articulate, charming, but most important of all, honest. He gave us a great and honest assessment of what he thought we could get for our house and how he would market it. We were immediately impressed.  We hired Daniel on the spot. The bonus came next when he said that he felt that he already had someone that would be perfect for the house. Long story short, the house was sold before we ever had to list and market it. This is the true advantage of dealing with someone who is successful…they are constantly dealing with people and can often times bring someone that they are already working with to the table.  If that wasn’t enough, Daniel also helped us realize that the house we were in escrow to buy was not the best fit for us and negotiated a much better, more expensive house by the beach into our price range.  We got more than we could have hoped for: A great price on our home, a quick sale, and a good purchase price in Del Mar near the bottom of the real estate market.

Last year, we realized that living by the beach was  not ideal for our young child so we planned to move back to Carmel Valley and build a custom home. We asked Daniel his opinion on the timing of selling the property we purchased just 2.5 years earlier. Daniel said that with some staging, he believed he could get a very good price for the home and recommended that we leave the house for a weekend, let him go to work on staging it, and see what results we would get. If we didn’t get a good price, we could stay in the property while our other house was being built, listing it occasionally. If we got anywhere near the price we were asking, it would make sense to move out and rent. Daniel spent a long weekend with his team staging our house. When we came home, we were amazed at the transformation and said, “Maybe we should just stay!!” Daniel responded with fact that we had a full price offer, all cash, and a 30 day close. Amazing.

Daniel’s experience, honesty and charm is unmatched. He constantly goes well beyond what is required by anyone in his position to make sure his clients are well served. I would recommend Daniel to anyone who is serious about finding the best of the best to represent them in their real estate needs.

Jeff and Tiffany Brown

I cannot say enough good things about Daniel Greer and his team. I was referred to him by one of my law partners who said that Daniel actually talked him into keeping his house (and not selling as was planned) and simply doing some remodeling. That was enough for me as it showed that Daniel - unlike many real estate brokers - is first and foremost looking to make a happy client, not just make commission. This proved true with our home purchase.  My husband and I found the house of our dreams in Sunset Cliffs and were ready to move forward; Daniel perceptively recognized that we were a bit too emotionally attached to the property and he encouraged us to first look at other comparable properties before making an offer. Most real estate agents would simply make the offer and collect their commission, but Daniel wanted us to make an informed choice that we wouldn’t later regret, even though it took much more time and energy on his part. In the end, we decided to make an offer on that house but our decision was more informed. We were so happy to have Daniel representing us through the actual transaction, too, because it was a very tricky transaction; the sellers were 5 beneficiaries of a trust who couldn’t get on the same sheet of music. Daniel’s negotiating skills were superb! He expertly navigated when to push and when to wait on the sellers, and ultimately got us the house well within our asking price. I have confidently referred Daniel to clients and friends as I think he is the best in his field! Laura L. Buckley

We only have the highest praise, admiration, and respect for Daniel Greer, our realtor and now a dear friend.  Daniel is not only a pleasure to work with but is the most experienced and competent realtor you will find.  He is honest, professional, highly-knowledgeable, smart, reliable, kind, and wickedly funny. We have moved many times over the years but until we found Daniel we didn’t know that buying and selling a house could be easy, stress-free, and yes, enjoyable!  First, Daniel seems to know everyone in the real estate community and is very highly regarded. This proved very valuable to us as other realtors were happy to work with him and trusted him. Second, Daniel, and his exceptional team members Steve and Chris, provided top-notch marketing to sell our home. Beautiful, professional photos were taken of the interior and exterior of our property, showing off the best features to potential buyers. Daniel also guided and fully supported our decisions as to how our home was marketed. There was no pressure to have open houses or appointments with unqualified buyers which saved us a substantial amount of time as well as protected our privacy and belongings. Third, no matter what situation arose, either before or after the sale, Daniel not only knew how to effectively and quickly deal with it but took it upon himself to get the job done. With both of our homes, he treated everyone with dignity and respect and his integrity was uncompromising. We felt very proud to have him represent us. Fourth, Daniel has a gift for helping his clients figure out what they truly want in a home and what best fits their needs.  His vast experience plus his knowledge of the market enabled him to guide us in finding the ideal location and house features for us. Fifth, Daniel is a genuinely wonderful person.  He has an incredible sense of humor and made house-hunting so much fun we were actually a little sad when our search came to an end! He also has a heart of gold and is someone we feel honored to know and call our friend. Finally, Daniel gets results! He worked tirelessly and was with us every step of the way. He negotiated the best deals for our homes and his counsel was invaluable. He fully earned our trust and we will without reservation call him when it comes time to make our next move. We highly recommend Daniel and his team to anyone who is looking for an exceptional realtor.

Gwen and Gary White