Solana Beach

Some people love to live on the edge… literally… if that is you, then welcome to Solana Beach!

An enclave of 15,000 “artists at heart”, who thrive on knowingthat they live in one of the most beautiful places on earth, is the heart and soul of this community.

Dangling on the cliffs that obviously have unspeakable views, residents of Solana Beach keep to themselves and their small town atmosphere in hopes of preserving the status quo for as long as possible.

Fletcher’s Cove and the many other hidden beach spots are all reachable by steep staircases that crawl up the cliffs to the quaint village above.

The beaches are more private here as the coastline is rather jagged and not one long strip as seen in many parts of southern California (and on TV).

This gives the locals more of a sense of privacy than most places and feeds the already introspective crowd that lives here in Solana Beach.

Artisans, yes; hippies, no. Professionals, yes; stuffed suits, no.
Impeccable homes, yes, yes, and yes!

Don’t rule out Solana Beach if living large and on the edge is part of your plan!
We welcome you!

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